Thursday, June 14, 2012

Nothing Says Summer Like...

Kettle corn. (And corn on the cob and barbecues and watermelon and farmers markets.)

I love to snack and so do the kids. I don't always want something healthy, although I should. Traditionally, you can only get kettle corn at festivals or maybe the market, but I refuse to pay 5 dollars for a tiny bag, so I decided a few years ago, after watching a vendor at an art festival make it, that I would try and make homemade kettle corn. It worked. Thought I'd share my technique with you.

You will need:
a soup pot
oil to cover bottom of said pot
and salt to taste

I make my popcorn stove top style, I will never change that, so I am going to write this as if you have never done that. 

1. Heat your oil on medium-high heat. (Take it from me, high heat will only catch your oil and possibly your kitchen on fire. Sorry Mom and Dad.) 

2. Drop in ONE or TWO kernels, cover and move the pot in a circular fashion over the burner. When the tester kernels pop, you are ready to cover the bottom of the pan with more kernels. 

3. After the kernels have been exposed to oil for 15-20 seconds, maybe longer if you are patient, maybe shorter if you want to try and make unconventional caramel corn, add sugar. About a 1/4 cup. I use a bit less. Cook and move in a circle on the burner. If you see fire, your oil is too hot. I have linked some tips for putting out a grease fire. If you smell burning popcorn, you are either done cooking or you need to turn your heat down. 

4. Use common sense, when the popping slows down, you are done cooking. Salt and move to a big bowl to enjoy. 

Any questions, you can email me or comment. I'm probably not being as thorough as I should be...