Friday, August 13, 2010

The Queer Hippies Are Movin'!

Lookout Flagstaff, we are on our way! It has been officially decided that Tris, the boys, their bio-dad and stepmom and I are moving to Flagstaff! This is a bitter sweet announcement. We love our home and I am having a hard time really letting it go, even though I keep telling myself it is just a material possession. Still, it makes me sad to think I won't hear the creak of the hardwood floors, or the rattle of door hardware when the ac kicks on, or the burned smell in the living room when it is humid outside. This is the home our kids have grown up in. So many memories will have to be packed up from the porch swing alone.

Even with all the sadness looming, I am hopeful and excited. We will be downsizing, but at least half. I have a personal goal to only move 20 boxes, if not less. (I'm a little afraid my books will take up a quarter of those...time to sell, I guess.) The rest, except some furniture will be sold or donated. I am having little problem letting go of the stuff. There is not much that I am holding onto for sentimental value.

We are looking a large piece of land with a small shed to rent. We would probably be living in a motor home or camper for a bit. That may be tricky with five of us, but definitely cheaper and MUCH less waste of resources. And less clean-up! We will be able to keep the chickens and have room for more, work the land and grow much more food and play in the snow. We will be limited in the winter months for a growing season, but unlimited in the summer months. There is nothing stopping us from building a greenhouse.

This move leaves only one thing to be desired. Friends. I know I will make more, but I love the ones I have now. I want you all to move with us. Commune maybe? Or how about you all just come every weekend and camp on our land? Sound good?


  1. I would like to state that some friend you have, don't mind travelling to mountainy towns and do so often already. So you will have many of the same friends no matter where you go. Flag is full of good people, loaded with them in fact. Live the good life. And I will drive up and get half a dozen eggs every few weeks or so.

  2. That sounds like a plan. Bring some gear and stay on the land! It's beautiful and smells great! In fact you can breathe up there without dying!