Friday, December 14, 2012

Twenty Babies

I am so fucking mad right now. I am shaking so hard I can hardly type. Twenty babies were killed today. Who are you blaming? The government for not having tighter gun control laws? The state for not helping its mentally ill citizens? One of the victims who was a "strict" mother?!?! When you point a finger, three are pointed back at you.

When will we all understand that we are doing this to ourselves? Some madman isn't just coming in a killing our children.

We are! WE! ARE!

Every fucking time we turn on that television, video game, or ipod touch to have some "me time" we are destroying a part of our childs' brain. Every time we don't feel like cooking and pick up fast food, we are destroying our childs' brain.

Do you let your child (CHILD!!!) play Black Ops? Halo? Your child? Your. Baby. Do you let them watch violence on TV in movies? Read it in books? Then not talk to them about it? We are doing this. To our own children.

On the rise: Cancer. Murder. Obesity. ADD. ADHD. Autism. Bi-polar disorder. Rape. Substance Abuse. VIOLENCE.

Take a stand for your children. Take a stand for yourselves.

We don't know what GMO's do to our bodies. Research barely knows.

We don't know much about what TV and video games do to our brains. Read some research not paid for by the Ad Council or Nielsen Ratings people. (The link is just one of many on the subject. This one is by Mary G. Burke, M.D., published in the Brown University Child and Adolescent Behavior Letter.)
"While watching VEM (visual electronic media), children are often left alone, and tend not to turn to their parent when scared. With more and more time spent in front of the screen, children have less opportunities to experience "inter-subjectivity." We have to be concerned that this loss impairs our children's empathy and capacity to form social relationships." Mary G. Burke, M.D. (The bold face was added by me.)

We don't know what all that junk food does to their developing brains. READ! Learn! We are responsible for this. I am responsible for this.

I am not a perfect parent. I yelled at the boys today. I fed them pizza. I will never be perfect, but I do not ever want to pick my CHILD up from school in a body bag and I don't want you to either.

We are responsible for this. We are responsible for letting our priorities be Snooky, Apple, Nike, NBA, NFL, Halo, Black Ops, McDonalds, Kraft, Coca-Cola, LaBron James, Lindsey Lohan, glorification of the Hunger Games, vampires.

Our real priorities are feeding our children food WE grow so WE KNOW! what it is grown in. Playing games with them. Gardening with them. Throwing snowballs with them. Going to their plays, concerts, poetry readings. Not fucking pulverizing their brains and deafening their ears with television. Not desensitizing their emotions violent video games and movies. Not medicating because it's the quickest way to get kids through the doctors office to keep HMO's happy.

Forty plus parents. Eighty plus grandparents. Countless brothers and sisters. And TWENTY babies. All suffering or dead. Families will be torn apart. The children left may be orphaned by proxy.

When will you take a stand and say NO MORE!?!?!?

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