Thursday, April 22, 2010

So Long Since I have Written

Hi everyone,

I am so sorry we have not written in such a long time. Any of you students out there that the end of the semester is the busiest. As soon as all of my last minute projects for school are complete, I will write more.

For now, a really quick update before I write my Philosophy of Sex paper. Last weekend was, by far, the most challenging weekend Tris and I have had, both physically and emotionally. And all this was caused by sheer exhaustion. It's Thursday and I think we have finally caught up on sleep.

We had to give our dog to another home. We love her, but she was always running away or after the chickens. We hated to do it. The boys took it better than anyone expected. They got to go to the house with Tris to see where Amelie, the dog, would be living and they all approved.

The chickens started laying. What a relief.  We are not sure which one is laying or if the both are, but we are just thankful to be sending home-fresh, hard-boiled eggs with the kids to school for lunch. The eggs are small and white. We were hoping for some blue ones. I am calling my chicken lady to get another laying hen and some new chicks in early may. (We also have talked about getting some rabbits, but that's not been decided on yet.

The yard is looking colorful and smelling amazing! The roses are in full bloom. Red, peach and yellow roses are abundant. The chinaberry tree has blossomed and the smell is delicious. The peaches are growing. I think we should yield about 30-80 peaches. I think the highlight of spring has been the grape vines. The are flourishing like usual,  but this year, we have about 25 bunches of grapes! Our own fresh grapes?! I can't wait to try them.

That's about all I can give you for now. Off to study and write and study!


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