Sunday, September 26, 2010

From Neighborhood to Trailerhood

First, sorry things have been slow around Two Queer Hippies, we have been crazy busy in real life. Tris started her new job, four weeks ago, in Kingman, AZ. That's about three and a half hours from here. Needless to say, she stays away five nights a week. It's not easy on either of us. By mid week there are tears and wishes to be together. We live for Fridays when we get to see each other and don't let go until Sundays when she has to go back. (Gay, I know.) I won't be moving to  Kingman anytime soon, so this will be the arrangement until we move to the Flagstaff area. When we get up to Flag, most nights she will still be away, but we will be close enough for her to commute from her work to our brand spankin' new (to us) 1978 travel trailer.

We are for sure moving, so we are downsizing from our 1800 square foot home on a quarter acre to a 260 square foot trailer on five acres. I would have liked one just a little bigger, but the budget the budget the budget! So I have been going to classes, being a weekday single mom (although when I need her to play good mom or bad mom, she's available via phone), and trying to sort through 1800 square feet of shit. I have also been making other life altering decisions, but I'm not gonna tell you yet, you'll just have to wait for that announcement.

I have gone through half the books, given away some, set aside a box for  Goodwill and one for Changing Hands and had to recycle two. I am also almost finished tearing pictures from the photo albums and frames all around the house and putting them all into one photo box. That little project took me three hours. I have many hours of work ahead of me. It will be nice to watch it all go. We are having yard sales every weekend in November and only adding a few things to our haul. I really want a Vita Mix blender and a few homesteading books, the rest will be cash in hand.

The trailer is 25 or 26 feet long. It has one bedroom in the back that right now is set up for two twin beds. We are laying a piece of plywood atop the beds and making room for our queen mattress. The front room, which is also the living room has nothing in it...just the old owners futon, which will not stay. We will be building a dinette set that converts to a big bed for the boys. I will be painting and making new curtains, but other than those few changes, this place will be home as it is now. Small, cozy and minimal. Simplicity is crashing upon us and it's not too bad. if you are looking for furniture, let me know before November. Some things I am keeping, but most are going.

Next weekend, we are moving the trailer from it's old home to the new home so I will post pictures then. I don't have any idea why I didn't take any today. Again, sorry for the delays between posts. I am off to get some homework done now, so there will probably be a fatty delay again, but I will try to post at least once a week. Much love.


  1. The Problem with blogging-
    Your wonderful writing and updates via internet allow me to know what is going on in your world and feel close, without ever actually being close. And as you are well familiar with my proclivity for the social hermit lifestyle- I never have to communicate out.

    BUT! If you should need some help sorting, scrapping, and scrounging. I'm here. Just a short bike ride away.

    K.R. de P.