Thursday, October 7, 2010

I'm Making Another Big Announcement

Yes. We are still moving. Sorry friends.

I have decided that it is the right time to follow a ten or so year old dream. I have been making preparations for the last 2 months and I finally feel like I can say something.

After that introduction, this better be big news, right?

I am studying to be a midwife. I have two preceptors (midwives with whom I apprentice with). One is here in Phoenix and one is in Flagstaff. Once I get to Flag, I will still be working with the one down here, as well as volunteering with a clinic up there and working with my second preceptor.

Those of you who know me, know that this dream coming into volition is as vital to my well-being as moving out of the city. I am constantly searching for my calling. I am constantly making myself believe that my calling is whatever my passion is at the moment. Today, I feel settled. Today, I feel right. Today, I feel happy. Today, I got to see and feel and worship a placenta that housed twins. What made this better is that I know the mama who carried the twins and the heartache she was feeling just two years ago when her two year old died. These babies were conceived on their big sisters birthday.

Much love. And in two and a half years, when I am licensed, start making some babies that I can catch for you!!


  1. I think I love you even more!
    (but not like that, you know)

  2. LMAO!! Michelle I love you also, but not like that!!!