Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Slow Cookin' My Food

It's been cool enough in the evenings to have a warm meal, so this week, in anticipation of my semester starting, I have begun to experiment with crockpot meals.

Sunday Night: Tomato Basil Parmesan Soup. The basil for this recipe came from the farmers market and was super flavorful. Plus I blendered the rest of the basil with some olive oil and froze it in ice cube trays so I could use it later.

Monday Night: Crockpot Mac and Cheese. I paired this with streamed broccoli and a salad.

Tuesday Night: Black Bean and Sweet Potato Chile. The only crock pot portion of this recipe is the black beans, but making them in the morning will be healthier than opening up a can, plus, I can freeze the extras or can them. Since it is Tuesday, I have not tried the chile, as it won't be even made until later today, but the house smells divine, as it has the last few days, from the beans cookin. The chile recipe is coming from a book called, The Vegetarian Family Cookbook.

In anticipation of using the slow cookers for many meals this semester, I bought a second one at the trift store yesterday. It is the one my mom had when we were coming up. It is much smaller than the one I have been using, so I plan to use it for oatmeal or Strawberry French Toast Casserole. Mornings are the hardest in the winter because nobody wants to get up, plus making a hot meal is super time consuming and I don't want to get up that early. Lazy mom moment.

I have been getting most of my recipes from a blog called 365 Days of Slow Cooking. There is a section for meatless and one for desserts and sides. Yum.

The boys biological father wants to start feeding them meat, regardless of the health risks, and I cannot stop him, but I can feed them a shit-ton of nutritious foods when they are here. I am excited to try more things. I have them all pinned on my Life Force board on Pintrest, if you are interested in following me. My pintrest name is jencody. I should start a Two Queer Hippies one, but i already don't have enough time. Peace and full bellies to you all!

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