Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Number 3 and I spent a good deal of time picking all the tomatoes that were ready. (And over ready! The hens were really excited about their gourmet pickins.)

The zucchini are ripe and amazing! We ate one last night. Scout made us zucchini pancakes! Delish!!! They are huge, the squash, I mean, not the pancakes. Pics to come.


  1. Following :) Your harvest looks amazing! Do you have a trick for keeping bastard ass squirrels from stealing your tomatoes? I've tried wrapping the stalk in human hair. Ok, that's all I've tried and it didn't work, plus Rob said he wouldn't eat the tomatoes once I did that anyway. :) xoxo!

  2. LOL! I don't have squirrels! Only chickens, so I just put chicken wire around the garden. Let me consult with my bible, Extreme Gardening. One moment please....
    Hmmmmm.....I can't find Dave now. Extreme Gardening is the name of the book. By Dave Owens. (The garden guy on channel 3 news.) The book is $20. Well worth it, even on a tight budget. It is a book for garden specifically in Arizona.

  3. Next time I'm at bookmans I'll look for it! I'm a half-assed gardener anyway but my tomato plant is a survivor! He's lived for 2 years and I've never enjoyed a single tomato because the effing squirrels always steal them when they're thumb-sized. Fuckers! haha. xo!