Wednesday, June 9, 2010

When Life Gives You Lemons (And Raspberries)

Make raspberry lemonade, duh! 

12 lemons juiced
1 square plastic thing of raspberries juiced
and raw sugar and water to taste

When your wash machine breaks and there is no money to fix it right now, make the bath tub and the children into a machine.

The agitators:

It really works! After they agitated, then they rinsed twice. 

I wonder if this is airing my dirty laundry?

Then the four of us, in pairs, wrung the clothes out and dried them outside in the sun. 

Two loads=one hour of hard work. I estimated we saved about ten gallons of water...a bonus I guess! 


  1. did the kids have fun, or did they know it was work?? :)

  2. both!! they are ready for their next load!!!