Monday, October 11, 2010

The First Night in Our New Home

Last Friday, Tris and I purchased our new home, moved it to the land we will be living on and spent the night in it! It was so great! We went to Williams for a little date. Our land is about 12 miles north of Williams. We walked around the downtown area for a bit. The air was chilly, alright, it was cold! We settled on eating a veggie calzone and some salad. Then we walked to the coffee shop for some hot chocolate. 

With steaming cups in hand, we walked backed to the car for a slow drive home. Well, the new home. When we got out of the car, my nose was filled with the smells of Christmas, fresh pine and the distinct scent of cold. Tris and I settled into the four layered sleeping bag bed we made on the floor of the front room/dining room/kids room. (That's the big empty room on above.) 

We were asleep by 20:30. Aside from briefly waking to adjust sore hips or shoulders from the ground being a little hard, we both slept all night long. When we awoke at 5:15 the next morning, we were refreshed. The air was crisp; there was frost crunching under our feet when we stepped out to pee. (The water is not hooked up yet.) The frost was really thick on truck bed cover. 

The town of Williams is beautifully set in a valley of pine and juniper, with a quaint downtown. We ate at the Pine Country Restaurant. The food tasted real. There wasn't too much. They serve 43 different kinds of pie there! It was so nice to be there. People stared a little as the Queer Hippies were seated, but we never felt threatened or uncomfortable. We felt at home. It's down to 68 days until the little move. That's a little over two months. I can't believe how close it is! Tris has decided to commute every day to Yucca for work. Neither of us is doing well with her working away from home.

On October 1st, she was riding home from Yucca. She was about twenty miles west on the I17 on the I74 when she was hit in the face by a bird. After riding 14 more miles, she felt dizzy and tried to pull over. She blacked out before she could stop and laid her bike down. She laid unconscious until the dust settled. We got her to a hospital and she checked out with only a concussion and some whiplash. It was scary enough for us to stop taking life for granted. There are a lot of could've's that ran through our heads and every Sunday I remember to tell her how much she means to me because that Sunday before the accident could have been the last.

Love just may be the most simple thing I can do in my life and I intend to love her forever.

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  1. So exciting, Jen! Not the Tris accident, that is horrifying, but the pictures of your land and home and hearing about the cold air, the smells, the food. You sound so happy and I believe your beautiful family will be so happy. You are living a dream! I'm so excited for you guys! And I hope Tris is feeling better - and that the working-away situation rights itself very soon.