Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Is anyone else wondering what the fuck the Queer Hippies are up to? I am and I am one of them! The weekends have been full of deep cleaning and deep contemplation. Do you know how much shit you can accumulate in 6.5 years? That's how long I have been in this house and this crap has just piled! Furniture, toys, clothes, books, photos, music, stuff, stuff and more stuff. So that's what we have been doing. De-stuffing.

This weekend we are having a yard sale. You know you want our stuff, right? Wrong! Get rid of your own stuff! It's so freeing! When we move, December 18, just so you know, we will have fewer than 20 boxes of only the most necessary items. There are a few things we are putting into storage. I cannot part with my art collection. It is by no means up the standards of Bette Porter's art collection, but it's mine and I enjoy it! The treadle sewing machine comes too. When I go electricity free, I will still need to sew pee pee swipes, napkins and wrap-n-mats!

The photos have been taken out of albums and put in one photo box. One box for a whole shelf of memories! Why didn't I do that forever ago? We bought 5 new locally made ceramic bowls from an Empty Bowls event a few weeks ago. Along with some plates from another local potter, we will have the 5 dishes we are bringing to eat from. We each also have only one ceramic mug to drink from. I have found and thrifted solid silver silverware to take with us. The dish load will be drastically reduced, which is great because water will be a scarcity up there. There is no well, only a refillable tank.

The next big project is the boys room. I should be working on it right now. They have so many clothes. I would like to reduce that to 7 shirts, 7 boxers and 2 long sleeves and 1 jacket each. Pants numbers are still up in the air because I think 7 is too many, but I am not sure what number will be just right. They don't have many toys here because they play outside most of the time. We will be investing in a new bike for Number 3 and puncture proof tires for Numbers 1 and 2.

I am feeling a bit overwhelmed with what still has to be completed for this weekends big sale, but I know it will all be pulled together in typical last minute Queer Hippie fashion!


  1. Sorry Kimmy! She took them all to Kingman! I don't even get to watch them!!!

  2. And how are you guys doing now that it's after Dec. 18? :)

    You are so right when you said it is so freeing! Right now, I am in the process of reducing my crap I had since 2005. Trying to be a minimalist here! My roommate is also trying to get rid of her stuff but couldn't bring herself to actually get rid of things. I suggested she take pictures of the items she had but never used for more than 2 years. Keep the photos in a safe place online or make a back-up copy on DVD. Then get rid of those items. I helped me in the past and I know it'll help other people who are in the process of reducing their loads of junk.

    The biggest issue I have in getting rid of stuff are the clothes I keep. I go through my clothes every 5 years because I don't change my weight fast enough. There's no point of wasting money on clothes when I still have more clothes at home. Since the end of Summer 2010, I have been losing some weight and now 2 sizes smaller than I used to be. I am researching on how to refurbish old clothes into new ones. Most of the patterns and ideas are geared towards women. I am a gay dude, so I need to have access to refurbished clothing styles with good taste. Have you ever refurbished/recycled clothes into something else?