Sunday, July 7, 2013

Loving, craving...

My friend Linz, of Ot and Et, from high school and beyond writes a weekly link-up called Currently. In order to encourage myself to write a bit more, I thought I would join her. This week's theme is loving, craving, missing, listening, wishing.

This week, I am loving having T and the boys home. Wednesday was particularly awesome because the boys came home two days earlier this week and T came home for good. She got a job here in town, so no more long distance, no more traveling to a good-foresaken town in the desert, and no more stressing over who will watch the kids when my classes are scheduled late.

I am craving vegan food. I have been eating such crap lately. I just want to eat fresh, homemade, delicious, vegan food. Last weekend, our friend Scout came up for a visit. He is an amazing vegan cook and baker. We ate thai and mexican and fresh strawberry shortcake. Later in the week I made Lehsuni daal with rice and naan. That satisfied my craving for a little while, but I need more!

I am missing the boys. T, the boys and I went up to Page this weekend to visit my folks and my sisters. The boys wanted to stay with them until Thursday and I grudgingly relented. Even though my parents live relatively close, we don't get to see the family very often. The boys are probably already up and hoping at least one cousin is awake to play with. You'd think I would sleep in when they weren't home, but no, I was up at 6:25 this morning and T is still sleeping.

I am listening to our parakeets chirp and sing, the traffic on the road below, the fish tank bubbling and wash machine spinning. The birds outside are chirping also and Antigua and Makaha are diligently answering.

I am wishing T would wake up! Man, can she sleep! All of the apple butter is going to be gone from the market again and I don't think my heart can handle that!

In other news, the veeerrrryyyyyy slow-growing garden got pummeled by quarter sized hail last Tuesday, but seems to thrive on beatings because it has bounced back beautifully! This year, I have tons of different kinds of beans, strawberries, chives, tomatoes, chili peppers, leeks, corn, watermelon, pumpkins, and more. Hopefully all of this summer rain will really boost their growing potential!

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  1. It's so awesome to see you here and to catch up, my darling! I'm so happy you've got your family around you to enjoy the rest of the summer with the ones you love the most. And your garden sounds amazing. We are attempting our first viable garden this year. It's teeny and so far the only thing really going gangbusters is a sugar snap pea that has given us 8 whole peas! We love that little plant :)