Sunday, July 14, 2013

Trying, wearing...

This weeks Currently list includes trying, wearing, choosing, laughing, tasting. This week has been really interesting because it is the first full week that Tris and I have lived together since 2010. t has been fun discovering all of the mundane things that I take for granted daily are things that I have missed doing with her. With the exception of two nights, I have cooked full meals from scratch and tried a few new recipes. When the kiddos aren't home, I don't do this normally; I usually eat cereal or nothing. We have had a few bumps in the road, but only small ones. I think this may work out well.

Right now I am trying to think. Maybe I could modify this to tried. I tried a new crockpot recipe. I made potato soup. It was amazing! And probably really fatty, but I will just have to hike a bunch this week.

Crockpot potato soup:
Bag of frozen hash browns
Can of cream of whatever you like soup (I used asparagus)
Box of broth (I used veg)
Half of an onion
Salt and Pepper
Block of cream cheese

Cook everything but the cream cheese on low for 5 hours. Add the cream cheese (cut in small chunks) for the final half hour. Boom! Easy soup!!!

I am wearing hiking clothes. We are about to go hike Little Elden Trail to Elden Springs. It's a short hike (4 miles), but I haven't done it before, so I am pretty stoked to hit the trail. Tris and her friend, Nicole, are also going. Yay for hiking buddies, since I usually hike alone.

I am choosing a positive attitude. Yesterday was a bit of a trying day and I am not sure how well I slept last night. I dreamed a lot so I am still pretty out of it. Those of you who know me personally, know that my dreams are avid, intense, and seem so real to me that I feel like I have been running all night. Or in the case of last night, crawling slowly and painstakingly to a destination that never gets closer. No, I don't want to evaluate this dream.

I am laughing at my hair. I am trying (yes! I found something!) to grow it out so I can dread it, but it is thick and awkward. Today I look like I have a combover. A wavy, thick, disgusting combover. I am hoping that in a few more weeks, it will be long enough in the back to make a full ponytail, not just one that has to be re-tied every time half of the hair falls out. I have an unnatural fear that I don't look gay enough when my hair is like this. I know it's dumb!

I am tasting my crunchy, granola cluster cereal. It's some maple pecan something that I bought for half-off because it was going expired. Tastes fine to me. And it stays crunchy in my almond milk.

I'm off to my hike. I will be posting pictures of the garden soon. I just planted the beans in the Three Sisters plot yesterday. I am excited to watch them grow up the corn. They are called Rattlesnake Pole Beans.


  1. Rock that garden girl! Love your posts

  2. We can hike together when I get down there!