Thursday, January 5, 2012

4 Minute Shower

In the interest of doing more for the environment, I have been talking to a few people about they do. Many things I already do, or don't, but a four minute shower is not one of those things I do. So I timed my last two showers. This is what I can accomplish in 1 four minute period: the first shower I did all my soaping and I shaved. The second shower, I just soaped and sat for what seemed like 10 minutes with the water on my head. Both times I also brushed my teeth. I haven't washed my hair yet and don't intend to for a few more days, so you'll have to wait for those results.

Challenge for you: Can you take only four minutes showers for the rest of the month and compare your water bill from December? I'm with you in this. Lets see how much water we can conserve!!

1 comment:

  1. Since I spent a lot of my childhood in third world countries, I am a shower Olympian. Wash hair and soap down - two minutes. Wash hair, soap down, and shave - four minutes. Bring it on!!! Kudos for encouraging American to take shorter showers - we need the water!