Friday, January 6, 2012

Let's Talk About Plastic Bay-Be, Let's Talk About You and Me

Watch this first, then actually makes me cry every time I watch it. 

What'd ya think? To some of you this isn't new, but to a bunch of you, this is a horrific new detail in our environmental disaster. 2 MILLION BOTTLES EVERY HOUR IN THE U-fucking-S ALONE? WHAT THE FUCK????? Seriously??? It doesn't have to be this way!!! Remember when you were a kid and your parents had snack duty for your AYSO soccer game? If you are as old as I am, they brought the team orange cooler filled with Tang and some sliced oranges, not 30 fucking Gatorade bottles, mini sized to start out a new generation of fat kids, and 30 individually wrapped crap-tastic snack whatevers.

Think people! Do you need all those plastic bottles? Do you need to have anything, but one bottle, glass (you can find them for $5 at Ross) or stainless steel, that you carry around with you all the time? Do you need that crappy soda? And if you do, can you fill it up at the fountain, in your own cup? Even aluminum is better because it can be fully recycled. Think deeper. Do you need a plastic bag at the grocery store? Can you carry out your small items or bring your own bag? For you in Phoenix, the Roadrunner farmers market sells hand made t-shirt bags for $1!!!! Buy 10. My friend Alli makes them. I have one and I love it!

All that packaging that goes into processed food production, is it really necessary? The answer is no! There is actually an award for food processing companies who have the best packaging, best meaning most plastic used, not best for the environment. Hey all those veggies you buy in the produce section and wash, do you really need to put them in plastic bags just to take them home? They are already full of the store personal and shoppers germs and you are washing them anyway, why take the bag too? It does nothing to keep your veggies longer, I promise. Make your own produce bags, and if you're not crafty, buy reusable ones at Target or support a work at home mom who makes their living reusing and selling things like this on the Internet.

Let's reduce in 2012. Just me and you. It will catch on. Look how neon clothing has made several comebacks in fashion! This can be done! Write to your favorite store bought cookie maker and tell them you won't buy their cookies any more until the reduce the packaging, or better yet, make your own! You, yes you!, can make a difference. Please, watch the video again and give it a thought. What else can be done to reduce this massive death trap? I'm all ears and heart. I will follow any other suggestions. (I'm not accusing you, I'm just a bit worked up.)


  1. ...sometimes, even at sprouts, I say no bag, thank you and i get the crook eye. it is very funny and not the haha kind.

  2. The thing that gets me is when you have no choice, like to send ANYthing for a kid's classroom. Regulations incentivize purchase of individually packaged stuff.

    Then there's the 100 calorie scheme. Apparently any kind of junk food-like stuff is better for you if you eat it 100 calories at a time, so much so that you must pay for it to be pre-packaged that way. Whatever happened to using a reusable snack cup to measure and control portions?