Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Biggest Struggles

"Except in mathematics, the shortest distance between point A and point B is seldom a straight line." ~ Unknown

One of my biggest struggles in this life is with patience. When I want something and I think of a logical way to get it, I want it right now. When I envision something, I want it to go the same way that I envisioned it. I don't want bumps and hurdles. 

What I need to do is accept that these bumps and hurdles are part of the journey to reach where I need to be and that what I envisioned is part fantasy and part reality. Nothing is ever perfect, but my visions. I know I will eventually end up where I am supposed to be. The heartache, frustration and small disappointments are all part me and my experience. 

I need to find a way to be thankful for everything, even the bumps and especially the hurdles. Today I am grateful for a weekend of love, hope, understanding, tears, frustrations, smiles, wind, campfires, honesty, heartache, passion, beauty and togetherness. 


  1. Well said! I love reading your blog. I think you are doing such cool things every day and you're really living deliberately. I'm inspired by how you're teaching your kids the simple things in life. It's so important to appreciate the little things and even the daily ups & downs of life. Without the downs, the ups wouldn't seem so great! Remember you're already where you're supposed to be.

  2. Jen, you always say the perfect thing. Thanks for being the awesome, wonderful you.