Monday, May 10, 2010

Sunday Nights With the Family

A couple of weekends ago, we ate our dinner in the side yard. It was a beautiful day and a nice evening. We bbq'd some veggie burgers and corn, made baked beans and drank homemade strawberry lemonade, courtesy of the champion juicer.

I look forward to eating as a family every night. We have rituals. The boys say a blessing from school. Usually it's, "Blessings on the blossoms, blessing on the fruits, blessings on the leaves and trees, blessings on the roots." There are hand movements that go with the blessing. Then Tris and I say "Blessings on our meal." Then we begin to tell our day. One day several months ago, A1 asked me if he was cool. The kid is going on twelve, a touchy time. From that day forward, after our day is relayed, we look at each person at the table and tell them why we think they are cool, awesome or why we like them. It's the best affirmation at the end of a long day.

I am looking forward to more Sunday meals in "The Cafe". That's what we call the side yard. We did have LED Christmas lights wrapped around the Chinaberry tree, but they were torn when we got the new roof out on. That's okay though because we are working to reduce our electricity dependence, so candlelit dinners are becoming the norm. Isn't our family beautiful? I am so lucky.


  1. our family is beautiful! I miss you guys everyday....jen you are awesome cuz you are always there for me and never judge me, Tris you are awesome cuz you make my sister super happy and you ride a motorcycle (lol), ash you are awesome cuz you are super duper smart and talented, aiden you are awesome cuz you make us laugh with great jokes and kieran you are awesome cuz you are independent. No one else will ever duplicate my amazing family! i love you all soo much! (this is my family dinner input)

  2. I will read it out loud tonight at dinner! Thank you anonymous sister!!!! Love you and miss you!!!