Monday, May 10, 2010

This Weekends Bounty

The girls were busy this weekend. Gia laid twice in one day! Twins!!! This picture shows you how blue the eggs that Zoe Nightshade lays are. This is just beautiful. All this from two chickens in an 8 X 8 pen with a nesting box. So far I have only had to buy layer food (what chickens eat) once. It was $18 for the bag and the bag lasts me now going on three months. Not a bad investment for such beauty and simplicity. We also feed them all the kitchen scraps. The girls especially love when we juice and they get all the pulp! Makes them lay better too!!

Tris and I are reinforcing the picket fence in the back to the girls can wander the backyard during the day. We will corral them in at night. We are also talking about adopting at least two more. Tris says no for now, I say heck yes! The new ones are chicks. They would grow up with our boys instead of having to get used to them. Oh, a new thing that Zoe Nightshade does: she bows down and spreads her wings a bit, like a curtsey, and waits to be pet! It's so rad. I have really grown to love them. I sometimes wonder what Rosie would have been like. She was so proud, but I bet she would have grown to love us.

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