Sunday, February 28, 2010

ECHO Photo Shoot

Error: The issue hits the stands on March 28, 2010! I got so excited that I took ten days off! Thanks Stacey J for the correction!!!! Xoxo!

Yesterday was the photo shoot for the ECHO magazine cover story about Phoenix area LGBT bloggers. Tris and I had so much fun!!! We met some very cool people and hopefully made some new friends. I didn't take very many pictures and the ones I did take, I can't post until after the issue hits the stands on MARCH 18!

The other famous bloggers we met are Dugaldo from Hump Day Newsletter, Lonnie from Lonnie's iPhone Blog and Cicely from, pronounced miss-ter. All of these people were so great!! The writer of the article, Stacey Cavaliere, is wicked cool!! He's a free-lance writer and special-ed teacher! Thats gives him and A+ in my grade book!

Just in case you didn't get it, the issue will be out MARCH 18, so pick up your copy!! We will sign it for you if you like! (P.S. I just went on Lonnie's site and there is some pics up from yesterday! Go and check them out!!)


  1. Issue hits stands March 28th love...
    :) ~Stacey Jay

  2. Oh Whoops!!! I will fix that!!! Haha!