Friday, February 19, 2010

once in awhile is never too little...

T here, I know I don't grace these pages with my mad writing skills very much, but when I do you can be sure to get something worth reading. So here I am bringing to you today a few snapshots and short thoughts from my ever rambling mind.

First off, I apologize for not taking the picture of the first carrots from the garden. I get so excited about how lovely they are going to taste that I forget. But, it is logged away in the main frame of my mind for next time and I will not let ya'll down again. (They were very lovely by the by, about 5" long and 1" wide).

Second, I have started the deconstruction of an old, unhealthy tree in the back yard. Normally I am not one for cutting down trees, (ironic seeing as how I come from a family of loggers), but in this case, it is hanging dangerously close to some power lines and siting right in the middle of where our kitchen is going to be in our straw bale home. So needless to say it must come down. Only 2 problems, my ladder is too short and my chainsaw is too dull. But don't dismay, my ingenious brain is brewing up some possibilities as I sit here and write. Updates will follow ;-)

Once this is accomplished, we can mix and pour the foundation and then finally start construction on the frame. But in the meantime, we have chicken coop to construct and burms to prepare. We will get ya'll some pictures later on this evening of those two adventures.

Until then, thanks for reading the ramblings of my lil brain and remember, violence is NEVER the answer.


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