Sunday, February 28, 2010

Spring Brings New Growth and Change

It's the last of February 2010. It's rainy. Our old roommates are in the process of moving out and the new roommate and her pretty children will be moving in this week. This change will be good for all of us. Old and new roomies alike. 

The rain has halted our chicken coop building project for the moment, but I think on Tris's next day off, we will have that thing built! So instead of building or doing homework, I decided to take rainy day photographs.

The view from my dining room table where I am writing from right now. 

New growth on the peach tree. Still no blossoms. I can't remember when they first started blooming last year. 

The apple tree, however, is in full bloom! Look at how beautiful!

This is just one fragrant blossom. If you know where we live, you can come smell them if you want. 

The first color on the cherry tomato bush. There are so many flowers on this bush. I don't know what we are going to do with all of the fruit! Plus we have romas and another kind. 

The first of the grape leaves are popping out. Summer garden shade and a natural cooler. 

The almond tree is starting to fill in. 

These next pics are of the rain collecting on the rose bushes in the front yard. I am not much of a flower gardener, so they are kinda wild. 

Everything is going crazy with all this water. The Christmas tree from 2004 has been having a growth spurt for the last 3 years! (Incidentally, I have also had a growth spurt these last three years. Only mine has not been up or out, but inward.) 

Here is the mint jungle! The herbs in the side yard, or what we call the cafe, are doing really well. When the China Berry tree starts leafing will be the big test of if anything really can grow there. 

I almost forgot the peas. Look at how the pea blossom holds that water. It's majestic. 

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