Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Few Big Announcements

First, ya'll, sorry we haven't been writing on here very often lately. I started my last semester at community college and it might just kick my ass. I have made a commitment to myself to ride the bus at least 4 days a week and that means getting up earlier and home later, but Mama Earth is worth it. That's my excuse and I will make one for Tris too. When I get busier, so does she. She has a bunch more kid responsibilities then when I am on break, but rest assured, this has not slowed her down from digging the foundation for our new dwelling. I'm not sure if I have metioned that yet, but I will get to it soon enough, my pretties.

So...on to the announcements. Tris has raised enough money to enter her charity motorcycle race, called Hoka Hey. This is a huge endurance race from Key West, FL to Homer, AK. The money raised goes to various charities, that you can read about on the Hoka Hey site. In addition to that, Tris has been raising money to actually pay for things like gas, food and supplies during the race. She will only spend what she has to, because all of the excess money will go to 1 in 10. So we are hoping she can raise a bunch of money that she doesn't need! She already paid the entrance fee and will probably be one of the featured riders. This will be televised, so all sponsors will have their logos displayed on her vest or jacket. Wanna help?  What she needs most is money. You can donate directly to us, if you know us, or you can can go to her website and use paypal. Also, if anyone is interested in corporate sponsorship , you can email us at twoqueerhippies.

That was biggie number one. Number two is more exciting for me. I have FINALLY made up my mind and decided what I want to get my bachelors degree in. I have applied to ASU's School of Sustainability. My focus will be on sustainable ecosystems. (I'll be a scientist! or something like it...) Sheesh! No brainer, right? There have just been so many things I have wanted to do, I had a hard time deciding. I check everyday to see if I am accepted or not, but so far just pending. For those of you who know me, you know this is HUGE!

And the last big announcement is.... Last Thursday, Tris asked me to marry her. A ring and all. With diamonds. Small diamonds. Not blood diamonds. And of course I said yes, but I also said, no government involvement, even if by some chance it becomes legal. So the date is for summer 2011. We have a tentative date, but will be withholding that until we know for sure. What we do know is that this will be a week-long camping party in Payson. Two days before the day, we will set up camp, then we will commune with the forest like the hippies we are for the next 7 days.

I guess just a few more things. Tris took out the broccoli this evening. We ate it all and now it's just sucking the nitrogen from the soil. We have been eating fresh salads from the garden all week, including lettuce, spinach, peas, chives, broccoli and our very first carrot! (Tris forgot to take a picture. Sorry.) Our second round of carrots is popping up, out tomatoes made a huge comeback with this warmer weather and our trees are starting to pop out baby leaves.

Did I mention yet that we planted three new trees? A combination apple, with 5 kinds, not all will grow well here, a pomegranate and an almond tree. The almond tree I rode home with in the basket of my bicycle, with the trunk resting on my shoulders. What a perfect way to honor my tree, wind in her branches and no carbon burned! The peach tree promises to be bountiful and the apple tree has flowers. I will be really interested to see if any apples come this year. I will be adding to my tree collection soon. I need citrus! Marmalade!!!!!!!

This weekend, I will be finishing the digging for the front yard garden. It has taken me a bit, I know, but stuff kept coming up. Like our oldest testing positive for wheat allergy! (WTF, man? More about this later... another science lesson perhaps?) Anywho, the first garden will be corn and sunflowers on top and cucumbers, watermelons and honeydew on the bottom. They should take a good portion of the summer to grow, so fall will be the next round out front with more corn and sunflowers, their plots switched, and pumpkins, pie and jack-o-lantern, on the bottom.

So many great things are happening! Much love to all of you who read this!

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