Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Cloth Toilet Paper

Can you think of anything nicer than really soft toilet paper on all your pretty parts? Now think of the last time you bought TP. If you are like me, you looked longingly at the really soft stuff and your heart ached for all the old growth forest Kimberly Clark uses for Charmin. Alright, maybe you are not like me, except that you want the softest on your softee. Recycled paper is rough, but it's recycled. So my heart can feel good, even when my goods do not. Until today!

I decided after reading all these posts from Crunchy Chicken, a must follow blog, that cloth wipes were definitely something we could do. Even the roommates could get behind this one, if they so desire.

So today, I found an older flannel sheet that had a few holes, washed it and cut out 65 5X5 squares. I started with 6X6, but they seemed too big. I will be getting a couple of mesh bags to hang on the TP roll holder for the used ones. Never fear, those of you who are faint at heart, I will still be keeping paper around for you and for poop. Not sure that I am ready to do the poop thing again. Three boys in cloth diapers was enough for a lifetime. I'm sure it won't be long til I change my mind.

Hopefully, Tris will make an appearance on our blog and let you all know how this little experiment is going. I don't know if 65 will be enough or if we will need more. I'm thinking I would like to go at least 5 days between washings. I think the smell factor will determine wash time though. Definitely an update to look for.

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