Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Phasing Out Our Cell Phones

While Tris and I were eating lunch together today, she got a phone call on her cell. She ignored the call and angrily stuffed her phone back into her pocket. I asked her who it was. She said it wasn't the person that angered her, it was that she could be reached at all times. I also don't like that aspect of having a phone. Feeling like if someone texts me, I have to drop everything and text back or if I forget then someone taking it personally. It's just dumb and we are both over it.

So here's the plan. Tris's contract lets up in March or April and we will just let it expire. The kids have a phone on my plan that they don't need anymore, so she will use that to go on the motorcycle ride she has been planning from Key West, FL to Homer, AK. After that, my plan will expire and we will get a landline. Remember those, from the olden days? We will also get an answering machine and pay for long distance.

I'm figuring that we will save $225 a month!!! That's money that can go into our land fund! It was good that she brought up this plan because I thought she would think I was crazy for wanting this. "The blood in the compost thing was one thing, but getting rid of texting? Who are you?" That's what I thought she would say! Boy, was I wrong! I am so excited to move forward with this plan!!!

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  1. Damn! I wish I could give it up so easily...And to think we didn't NEED them before.