Monday, January 18, 2010

Love and Yard Work

Tris and I have been kicking our asses since Thursday to get the side and back yard cleaned up before bulk trash pick-up tomorrow. So last Thursday, we spent 7 hours laboring. We trimmed the bougonvilla (excuse my spelling) to the ground, almost an act in vain, we swept and cleaned up the whole side yard and weed-eated the back yard. All the big things were tossed onto the growing bulk trash pile and today we went to Whole Foods and bought extremely expensive, but totally worth it, biodegradable yard waste bags. They were $5.69 for 5. Ouch!

We also planted two trees: 1 pomegranate and 1 combination apple. The apple tree, the one with all the tags, has 5 different kinds of apples; Granny Smith, Gravestien, Red Delicious, Green Delicious, and Fuji. They were all grafted together. That kind of tree is a little bit scary to me, changing a tree like that.

Hard labor is one way for us to expend extra energy and also show love for each other. We both have a love for the outdoors and we both also have great pride in our house. (Before Tris moved in, I had neither the energy nor the drive to keep up the house. She makes me happy.) When I look at the work we have done together, I am so full of love for her, for us as a couple. We kick ass!

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