Thursday, January 7, 2010

What Does Simplicity Mean To You?

To me, simplicity means living a quiet, simple life. No electronics blaring, no credit card bills to pay, no zoning out on the computer for hours. Simplicity is waking up early in the morning for my walk and chores. It means doing my small part to nurture Mother Nature.  It means back yard games instead of video games. It's using less and giving more. Simplicity is handmade versus store bought. Simplicity is less stuff, better yet no stuff, only necessities, which in turn, means less cleaning.

Simplicity is feeding my family healthy, nutritious meals I grow and cook myself on a stove that neither uses natural gas nor electricity. Simplicity is learning the arts of canning, beekeeping, urban farming, sun drying and dutch oven cooking. It's free range city chickens and fresh eggs. It's the push mower where the goat misses.

Simplicity is earth dwellings. From the earth and, someday, back to the earth with no harm.

Simplicity also means living virtually free of the government, taking care of my own. That sounds really Minute Man to me, so let me clarify. I mean keeping my kids healthy myself, without anyone telling me I have to vaccinate. It means not having government regulated utilities, including water, when I get out of this city. It means no food pyramid, no GMO's, no subsidized corn or soy in my home. Simplicity is educating those around me. It is rising up, without violent action, against a lie.

Simplicity means a future of seasons, seasons that change color, seasons that bring more than two different weather patterns, seasons that bring about change in people. Simplicity is listening to that change and being that change. Simplicity is not being afraid of change, even what some may consider backward.

Simplicity is purposeful living. It's speaking, walking, gardening, raising our babies, honoring eachother and loving gently. This is what I strive for.

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