Sunday, January 3, 2010

Tampon Composting?

I am down to compost just about anything. The only thing I don't compost is meat. We don't eat meat so that helps, but the roomies do. So today, you can imagine my surprise when I found compostable tampons and panty liners! They are also organic, unbleached cotton. They could only be better if they had no applicator, but Tris is not willing to take that step yet. I, myself, am a Diva Cup girl, but I think this month, I will start also dumping my blood in the garden compost. I will need to find a mode of delivery because when I am dumping the Diva, it's not exactly convenient to run outside with a full cup in the middle of the deed. As for Tris, we will see how the composting of tampons goes. Tomorrow I will need to reinforce our compost bin so cats and dogs don't go digging for the goods. I think a hammer and nails will come in handy.

Here are links to both the Diva Cup:

and a blurb about Organyc brand tampons:

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