Friday, January 22, 2010

Singing in The Rain!

I love this weather. For anyone not in Phoenix, it has been raining and cloudy for the last two days, but still in the 60's! Last week, I had all the doors and windows open to let the unusual warmth in; this week, rain, rain, glorious rain! The two baby trees held up well in the 55mph wind last night. They are getting soaked every day like their instructions said to do, just not on my water bill.

The garden is going crazy in all this wet weather. The broccoli is flowering and getting so tall. Next year,Tris and I noted that we need to give the other plants more room around the broccoli. That's one big ass plant! The lettuce is huge. We keep eating it as salads or in wraps. We, sadly, lost all of the winter squash, but one. They grew, they bloomed, they froze and couldn't recover. Also noted for next year. New baby carrots are starting to pop up, from the second round of sowing.

The peach tree has little nubs growing on all the branches. Tris and I are putting a net on it this year so the birds can't get at the baby fruit. The apple tree, the one we just planted, has fuzzy little nubs starting to just come out. A sure sign of a happy tree. The pomegranate is a little slower, but still alive. I don't expect any fruit this year and very little if any next year, but after that, I'm hopefully going to get my harvest on!

I am doing a fair amount of research today about how well pear trees grow here in Phoenix. They sell them at Home Depot, but that only means HD wants money. We have made plans for three more trees to plant in the front yard and now is perfect! The ground is not rock hard, so my back won't break! After the trees are planted, we are planning the spring garden. I will keep you posted on that. Here's to a bountiful 2010!!!


  1. We had a pear tree on Amelia - it did indeed grow just a few itty bitty baby pears :)

  2. I remember the pear tree. You had so many trees back there. I hope Sam is still taking care of them. :)