Saturday, January 9, 2010

This Little Piggy

This morning Tris and I got up early-ish and went to one of the farmer's markets. This one was new to me. It is every Saturday on Cactus just east of the 51, at Roadrunner Park. Parking was a bit of a mess, but the market was small which I like. I do not like huge crowds. I thought I would take this blog to talk about the farmer's markets in the Phoenix area. (All the pictures are from this morning.)

The biggest one in Phoenix is the Wednesday/Saturday Downtown Farmer's Market at Filmore and 1st St. Parking is not so bad. The selection is HUGE! Sometimes too much. You can get almost anything. Eggs, veggies, fruits, meat, prepared meals and crafts. I wish there were flowers like there are in the Northwest, but alas, they don't grow like that down here. There is also music and always a friend or two to bump into.

On Wednesdays, you can go to the market on 20th St and highland, by the Trader Joe's. I like that one because I can get all my non-produce groceries at TJ's, then get all my yummy fresh veggies and fruits at the Market. Some of the stands boast organic and some of them are organic, but it costs too much for them to get certified. Even still, I try to get the certified organic, unless I know the growers, which does happen sometimes. There is a soap/lotion maker at this market. I love her stuff.

I haven't been to it, but I hear there is a thriving market in Tempe everyday. It's on University and Farmer Ave. I will probably take the train there next weekend. The kids are marketed out today.

Alli (Top, behind register, selling Number 3 a bunch of radishes), my new friend, says there is also a Friday market in Mesa on Center and University. Once again I have not been to this market, but I do have all next Friday to check it out. Here is a list of farmer's markets in and around Phoenix. There is really a place for anyone on here, whether you are north, south, east or west. Go explore your local market, eat seasonal food, check out what your neighbors are making with their hands and their love.

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