Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Flu Has Struck

I guess the more proper name for what I have is viral gastroenteritis. I was violently sick yesterday. I went to class in the morning and told my professor half-way through that I needed to leave. As soon as I walked through the door at home, it started. I missed riding the bus and train to Tempe for the arts festival with my friends. I missed eating. I missed picking up the boys and dropping them at their dads for the weekend. I won't get to see them until Monday. I missed hanging out with the new roomie.

What I didn't miss was that Tris took care of me all day and night long. She rubbed my head and my feet. She dumped out my puke pan, TMI maybe, she tried to get me to keep up my fluid intake, which invariably she dumped moments later. Tris has been sick too. She finally had to give in and take antibiotics for her sinus infection.

At 11 last night, after she had been sleeping for a while and I had been retching for 13 hours, I gave into my hunger, I figured, "Fuck it. If it comes back up, it comes back up." It didn't. I ate a corner of a white flour cracker, not my favorite, and waited. I was so thirsty, but the flat soda was not what I wanted. So Tris, my love, dragged herself out of bed and made me hot peppermint tea. The best peppermint tea I have ever tasted.

I really have a point to this little story. It is that I love her. It's fairly rare when I get sick, but when I do, it's a doozy of an illness. And there she was to take care of me. I don't ask for nor do I accept help very easily. In a way she has made me look at this silly personality trait and question it. I have done the same for her. I love taking care of her when she is sick. It would never occur to me not to, so why am I writing a post about her taking care of me? I want her and everyone to know how much I appreciate her.

I would have survived without her, but I would not have been so happy when I finally came back to my senses. So thank you, baby. And to everyone else who called, texted or emailed to see if I needed anything, Thank You! I hope I did not spread this doozy to any one of you.

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