Friday, March 19, 2010

Nothing to do but ride...

Today we got home from an amazing two day adventure on the open road. For those of you who do not ride you can still appreciate the beauty of getting outdoors and feeling the wind in your face. For me it's freedom and to be able to share it with my love and one of my good friends makes it just that much more amazing.
The adventure started off Thursday morning around 0930hrs when we got the bike loaded up with our gear and our bodies and headed south to pick up my northern friend, Glenda.
Than it was off to Globe for some lunch and amazing canyon drives.
After a quick fill up, for the bikes and us, we headed on East toward Safford and found some hot springs to take a quick dip and refresh our sore butts. (By we I mean Jen...)
(Photo Courtesy of Google Images)
After a nice 30 minute dip and some stimulating conversation with a couple from Yuma, we stripped down north woods style in the parking lot (to the delight of some nearby campers I'm sure), got geared back up and hit the road one last stretch into Tombstone.
With the wind whipping us around and the sun setting in the West, we rolled into town, 9 hours later, in true iron cowboy style and bellied up to the bar for some great food, lots of drinks, friendly people and a trip back in time.

So until next time my kind to your neighbors, get some fresh air into your lungs and always keep the chrome side up!

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  1. Apparently they are not being so courteous about us using their photo....