Friday, March 5, 2010

The Novelty of the Push Mower

Now every kid can mow! I asked Number 2 to get out the mower so we could get the chicken coop in place. When he started mowing, which he begged to do, the neighbor kids wanted in too. Four boys pleading for a chance to mow the weeds; to which I duly permitted and suggested that they take it into the front yard where there is much more for each kids to mow. My lawn is a little patchy, but definitely shorter. Here are some pictures from the day!

The boy that started all the hype.

The neighbor kid getting his turn.

The last two patiently waiting their turn to mow the lawn. 


  1. The push mower was a favorite at our old house. I was always afraid we were gonna lose a toe or two from the kiddos or friends.

  2. Love this! I feel like a lazy ass when I read all that you do! :)

    Isn't craigslist great? I've been living on it looking for a washer/dryer and some other things I'll need when I move.

    Miss ya!