Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Huge Tragedy

Normally I won't write about the news because I don't watch it but I got a call from T telling me not to watch the news because 9 motorcycles were plowed down by a dump truck. It's a very hard thing to see when my love is going on a 7000 mile ride in just 3 months. The what-if's are creeping in and out of my head.

My heart is hurting for all of the bikers and their families. But my heart is hurting, especially, for the driver. Nobody of sound mind wakes up and decides that he will be the one to change the fate of so many in such a terrible way. The bikers who live will go on. Some with memories and some only feeling the loss of their fallen friends. The driver of the truck, on the other hand, must try to look himself in the face every morning, knowing that he killed three people.

The driver may not have been paying attention, but before you judge him, remember when you answered the phone, sent a text or checked a map. Think about that time you turned to help your child or grabbed for a fallen CD. Remember that close call you had. And remember that you were lucky that time. This man did not have luck on his side today. Today was his 15 minutes. A 15 minutes nobody wants. Please be safe in your travels. Look for people, other cars, bikes and motorcycles. And keep all these people in your thoughts.


T here - I am not one to pray but if you do, whatever you do, please send as much energy to those involved in the accident today. Even the driver. As it may have been his fault he will have to live with this burden for the rest of his life and being the loving humans that we can be he needs love also. Accidents can happen to anyone at anytime, anywhere. All we can do is give others in need our strength and love our families tonight.

Peace be with those who have moved on, their families and those still suffering.
Much love to all.

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